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Saw this comic strip just the other day and it totally reminded me of an incident back in my parents’ hometown – Sitiawan (long live the foochows!). It was right after dinner when my dad decided to go to the supermarket and my grandfather decided to come along too. So there we were, three generations of the LOI family heading to town.

Right at the entrance of the supermarket was a beggar, sitting by the side….begging. Duh. And guess what my grandfather did…he scolded the beggar in front of everyone at the entrance of a supermarket! Not the kind of evening that I was expecting. The conversation went kinda like this:

Grandfather: What are you doing sitting here begging? You’re not even as old as I am!


Grandfather: You should be ashamed of yourself! People at your age should be taking up proper jobs and making an honest living! And here you are disgracing yourself…you’ve got hands and feet that are not even disabled or injured . . .

Beggar: . . .

Grandfather: Stop being such a useless person and go get yourself a proper job! The money yr scavenging from people is just a huge disgrace…your mom did not give birth to a person raised to be a beggar! . . .

At this point, my dad and I *gently* pulled grandfather away from the little scene that he has created.

As funny (and embarrassing) as it may be…my grandfather did bring out some truths there. We all do have a choice. And just like that comic strip in reflection to the real life incident I was in – sometimes, people (read: we) are just plain lazy. We’re lazy to…

• pick ourselves up after a fall

• put our feet down after making stands

• choose

p/s Sorry for the long absence in the posts, have been caught up with different things 🙂