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Tag Archives: absolutes

Nope…not talking about the beverage.

I’ve actually been thinking of this word for awhile now and have made a “fresh” realization what it all means. I’m looking at my life right now and have observed the need (more and more now than before) to have absolutes.
– moral absolutes
– emotional absolutes
– mental absolutes
– spiritual absolutes

…the list goes on.

And in the times that we’re in, both economical and political; isn’t it about time that people wake up? Mind you, I’m still learning and I’m not “there”; I’ve made loads of mistakes and am ashamed by it BUT I’ve learned to (in my best ability) put this word into practice more and more in my everyday living.

We’ve been taught that “okay” is okay, but it’s not. In fact, I think that is totally ridiculous. Absolutes don’t agree with “okays” or “it’s alright” – there’s only a YES or a NO. And here we are facing a generation of people that are living lives that are simply, “okay”. And I’ve been having conversations with different people and just hearing them talk about the way they’re leading their lives is just (sorry to say this)… disappointing. They’re getting more disillusioned and settling with just “okay” – in the way they get into relationships, handle stress, study, work, lead their lives, etc.

Sorry to say this but, “okay” is really not okay. Absolute’s the new okay.