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I find myself not having lots of free time lately. Either I’m perpetually occupied with work or I’m just not good in managing my time. Nonetheless, the work doesn’t “magically disappear” so…work, work, work. At least it keeps me on my toes.

I had the privilege to speak to about 100 students at Sunway College recently about pursuing a career in design and advertising. Surprisingly, I thoroughly enjoyed myself more than I anticipated. Truth be told, I’ve always had the thought of teaching/lecturing/tutoring lingering in my mind; and I’ve left it at that state – lingering. Part of my talk was telling them why I pursued design & advertising and it was a good eye opener of how far I’ve come and how God has continuously opened doors in my favor. Never would I expect to come this far or even have opportunities to go into colleges to speak about designing. It’s just awesome.

And since I’m on this self reflecting mode…I realised that some things (as subtle as it could be) really makes my day…

• seeing a despatch motorcycle rider with a Nicholas Sparks book

• seeing a taxi driver dash through the heavy rain to run into 7-11, get an ice cream, dash back into his taxi just to enjoy it

• never realising how nice purple and orange go together till I saw the sunset

• looking at how cool clouds can be from the skies – it’s mind blowing

• seeing you happy

Life’s definitely much richer when you start noticing the details. Such a shame if we miss out on it everyday.


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