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As cliche as it may sound but this year did pass by really quick. But (yes I’m one of those who start their sentences with the words “but” and “and”) there’s much to be thankful for. Here’s a quick recap of 2008:

• I left Rapp Collins at the end of Jan

• I took 2 months break and went for a holiday

• Invited as a guest judge for graduating advertising students’ presentation at Sunway University College

• Started my humble lil design agency and also my clothing brand – Gravitee

• Became a groomsmen for one of my closest bro

• Got myself some international clients from Melbourne, Australia 

• Hosted an online TV show called “20 Questions” with another one of my closest bro (David Yeow) and had the chance to meet lotsa awesome people

•  Tried fish spa for the first time. It’s highly recommended, go for it.

There’s loads more of course but these are only some of the ones that I can remember for now. All in all, it’s been a good year. Made new friends, grew closer friendships and became a better friend.

To my family – I love you guys.

To my ACTS family – I’m a better person because of you. You made the difference.

To my friends – let’s get to know one another better this year. 

To the strangers – “Hi, I’m Joel. It’s nice to meet you.”


Fun Fact: I sneeze three times consecutively almost every time.


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